Fitted Bespoke Bedrooms

Olton Bedrooms offer both traditional and contemporary styles (or Designs)

Our Fitted Bedrooms:

  • are truly BESPOKE - they can be made to any height, width and depth
  • have a fully carcassed system - they are not just fronts - all have backs, floors, ceilings and sides - not just a framework like many others on the market
  • are designed to meet YOUR needs - with Internal Options, Doors and Handles - you can have whatever you want.
Internal Options

Internal Options

Bedroom Styles Gallery

YOU can choose from:

  • Full hanging
  • Double hanging
  • Shelf stacks
  • Internal drawers
  • Split combinations

in fact... Whatever YOU need

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Doors Styles and Colours

Bedroom Colour Range Gallery

There are over 20 different door styles and 20 different colours - giving 40+ door style/colour combinations - including a new REVOLUTIONARY Sliding Door System - with a special gliding and soft closing mechanism and a lengthy manufacturer's guarantee.

Sliding Door Systems can be:

  • Fully Mirrored
  • Contemporary Coloured Glass
  • Wood Grain
  • Plain Colours; or
  • A Complete Mix & Match
  • Leather Inlays
  • Coloured Frames

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