Quality Materials

At Olton Bedrooms we use only the best quality materials and fixings ensuring that our furniture will stand the test of time. MFC (melamine faced chipboard) manufactured by Kronospan or Egger is a highly condensed board which has no honeycombed structure unlike some of the poorer standards of MFC. Due to its composite structure the final cut gives a very precise edge for any procedures used in construction.

Our doors, drawer fronts and work tops are manufactured from MDF (medium density fibreboard) which is well known for its durability and strength. MDF is manufactured by using very small wood dust fibre particles which are blended with resins and other formulae.

Olton Bedrooms Factory

The process that follows sees the materials compacted through a series of vacuum presses formulating sheet material from 8mm to the more commonly used 18mm.

MDF is now widely used throughout furniture manufacturing because of its flexibility and durability.

Our manufacturing techniques have of course moved forward over the past 15 years and we host a variety of high quality machines that now make the structure both stronger and more precise. We do however complete the highest percentage of our furniture using good old fashioned on the bench methods as this allows us to maintain our level of bespoke production and more importantly enables a higher degree of quality control.

You may at anytime request the opportunity to see your own bedroom made from start to finish at our Solihull site.

Our opening doors come in many different styles both traditional and contemporary and are manufactured by a well established Midlands company. The quality of door and its structure is second to none and we work very closely with our supplier to ensure that they, like ourselves, continually move forward with techniques and development of the product.

A fully comprehensive range of colours is also available from plain whites and creams to a multitude of wood grains and the more recent contemporary gloss finishes.

Sliding Door Systems

Our sliding door system again boasts new durability to sustain heavy day to day usage and has been recently developed to facilitate a soft closing mechanism as standard, reducing the risk of trapped fingers by our younger users.

A new substantial rolling system and aluminium frame has now ensured a much longer life than systems of the past.

With over 20 different glass colours to choose from in an array of arrangements decided by yourself, you can have an exquisite bedroom that will not only be a dream to look at but will be total value for money. We accompany the sliding system with a full carcass interior at its rear so you really do get the best of both worlds.