Foldaway / Wall Beds
Swingaway Beds, Hideaway Beds and Library Beds
  • Nowhere for guests to sleep PROBLEM SOLVED
  • Children sharing a room with no space to play PROBLEM SOLVED
  • Working from home with not enough office storage PROBLEM SOLVED
  • Need a Home Study without losing a bedroom facility PROBLEM SOLVED
  • Fed up with the sofa bed PROBLEM SOLVED
  • Wanting more earnings capacity from a Holiday Home PROBLEM SOLVED

All these problems can be solved by installing one of our Wall/Hideaway Bed Systems. These systems are designed for everyday use and are substantial in the engineering specification. Additional furniture e.g. wardrobes, chests of drawers, office/study units can all be added to complete a rooms design and function.

Orthosoft mattress's can be supplied upon request and all the systems are available in our full range of colours & door styles.

See our 'Frequent Questions' page for more information. Please contact us on 0121 705 6941 for any further details you require on these fantastic systems. We are here to help and advise. You will be assured of our best attention at all times.

Our wall bed systems enable you to maximise the usage of a small space or spare bedroom and at the same time not lose the facility for sleeping.

Our wall beds come in three brands:

  1. The Swingaway Bed System is simply installed into a cabinet and bi-folding doors to cover the frontage. The Swingaway Wall Bed is available in sizes 3', 4', 4'6 and 5' Kingsize.

    A ceiling height of 2360mm is desirable but this system can be accommodated to a ceiling as low as 2100mm.

  2. The Hideaway Bed System differs in respect of the covering doors which are attached to a secondary mechanism under the bed itself and when the bed is pulled down the small top box doors act as a footboard. As this increases the weight of the bed frame the mechanism is loaded with two large tension springs, which are adjusted to allow a smooth transition from closed to open.

    Again, a ceiling height of 2360mm is preferred however, a lower level of 2260 is workable. The Hideaway Bed System is available in sizes 3'0 and 4'6'

  3. The Library Bed is the 3rd system available in our range. It has been designed to be used in a lounge or study room giving the facility for additional bed accommodation and at the same time giving you an item of storage for bookcases or general display.

    A ceiling height of 2360mm and wall widths of minimum 2920mm and 3220mm are required to accommodate the available beds. The Library Bed is available in sizes 4'6 and 5'0'
Wall Beds Wall Beds Wall Beds
Wall Beds Wall Beds Wall Beds

All units and additional furniture are available in many colours and door styles.

Should you require any further details please contact us using the details on our contact page.

We do not advise that any of these systems are installed by anyone other than our own-trained installers and we are available nationwide.

These Wall Beds really are a fantastic way of creating the additional space and facility you may require without the major expense of structural extensions or even relocation to a new home.